I am so pleased with our family photo created by Kats Eye Photography!  Never before have any of us in the family been photographed by someone with so much ingenuity and zeal for their profession.  The best part of our session was the incredible interation with the photographer, she has a way with working with a large group and the pictures of the children were simply awesome.  I love to see the framed masterpiece on my wall knowing that none of the smiles were forced!  Thank you so much for the experience.

OMG!! The photos are amazing!!  I got them this morning and about cried!!  I can't thank you enough!! 

Wow!  Our Wedding book looks so beautiful, thank you so much for all the hard work, We really love it.  I brought it to work and showed it off.  Everyone said they had never seen a book like mine and were raving about it.  Thank you so much for everything, I know when we start a family we are coming to you for our family photos.
- Erica

My parent wedding album is beautiful, I couldn't be happier!
- Diana

Our wedding photos are fabulous!  We have been having a ball going through them and talking with our families about our favorites.  The canvas is absolutely lovely and we are enjoying it being a centerpiece on our walls.
-Sarah and Rob


We met Kathy when the local State Farm office offered a photo session for the holidays with a complimentary photo.  I wanted my 2 year old to get some photos since we had not done many formal sittings with her.  As soon as Kathy and Leah met, they hit it off.  It was a mutual connection between them and Leah loved smiling for Kathy.  We used one of the photos for our Christmas card and it received soooo many wonderful comments. It is by far one of my favorite photos of Leah.  Kathy then suggested we do a family photo shoot on the beach, to which I was very excited. The photo shoot on Boca Grande beach was one of the most fun and relaxed times I can remember.  While changing Leah’s outfits, sitting on the mounds of shells, chasing the birds with her mommy and daddy, Kathy caught it all on camera.  The beauty of Kathy’s work is that she knows how to capture a person or family in the fun of the natural moment.  I think that is what made the photo of Leah on the beach a strong candidate for the America’s Cutest Kid contest.  Kathy caught Leah doing what she loves to do, playing.  The technical aspects of the photo are amazing.  While I think Leah is cute, I believe it was the photo itself that won Kathy her first national photography competition.  Since the big win, we have had the opportunity to do some media coverage from the contest, including a video photo shoot of Leah at the Worden Farm.  It too was so much fun!  Now when I say we are going to see Kathy and Seth, Leah gets a big smile and then mentions the farm and the balloons.  We are forever grateful for the memories that have been created through our experience with Kathy!!


family florida copyright Kathy Wynn